Sometimes a play asks all the right questions: what is the artistic merit of casual dining? What happens when the intimate service relationship of restaurant employee & customer is replicated in a REAL LIFE environment? What would it be like to stage a renegade theater show that holds a mirror up to society while PERFECTLY mimicking the experience of an authentic California Pizza Kitchen?

Sometimes a play asks all the right questions. And playwright Jake Goodwin’s upcoming work, “Memoirs From The Californian Pizza Kitchen” (set in the middle of a functioning Indianapolis California Pizza Kitchen and serving period-appropriate cuisine) IS THAT PLAY!

NOTE: Due to the highly experimental/envelope-pushing nature of this play, this will be an UNPAID production. However, over the course of this show’s 4-year run, actors will have the opportunity to perform for hundreds of diverse audience members, seven days a week. These audiences have long been starved of incisive, avant-garde performance art (as well as CPK’s world-famous Jambalaya Fettuccini), so this truly is a ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME THEATRICAL EXPERIENCE THAT WILL LOOK GREAT ON YOUR RESUME!


This casting call is looking for approximately 10 plucky, hardworking actors who can push the envelope, who can make audiences question the very nature of performance itself, and who, most importantly, want to CREATE ART FOR ART’S SAKE (and, of course, delicious California-style pizza).

  • WAITER/WAITRESS: A collaborative ensemble of 4-5 plucky men and/or women who interact intimately with the “customers” (audience members) on a constant basis. Charisma is a must!
  • LINE COOK: 3-4 men and/or women who can easily disappear into the role of ‘disgruntled working-class chef’ at one of Indiana’s foremost 2.5-star Yelp-reviewed pizza establishments.
  • DISHWASHER: 20’s-50’s (gender flexible). In many ways, ‘Dishwasher’ is the moral heart of the show. S/he is also in charge of washing dishes that will have real food waste on them!
  • MANAGER: Just as Lin-Manuel Miranda played Hamilton in Hamilton, the role of ‘Manager’ has already been pre-cast as the show’s 36 year-old playwright, Jake Goodwin–a man so dedicated to the art of method-acting that he worked for 6 consecutive years as the General Manager of a real-life California Pizza Kitchen. The same California Pizza Kitchen where this (again, unpaid) show will be staged.


NOTE: Before arriving at your audition, please MEMORIZE the sides below.

SIDE 1 (Waiter/Waitress):

Some improv will be needed for this role, these moments will be denoted in [Brackets].

CPK Script 1

SIDE 2 (Line Cook):

Do you have great object work? Prove it in this hysterical comic relief scene!

CPK Script 2

SIDE 3 (Dishwasher):
CPK Script 3

If you are interested in performing in “Memoirs From The Californian Pizza Kitchen” (the boldest theatrical endeavor since Ionesco’s The Bald Soprano) please send an email to JGoodwin@IndianapolisCPK.com ASAP.

See you soon!

-Jake Goodwin: Playwright, Director, Actor, Visionary, General Manager at Downtown Indianapolis California Pizza Kitchen.