Are You Lonesome Tonight?

  • Yes.

Can I Steal A Little Love?

  • No.


Can’t You Just See Yourself?

  • Yes.


Didn’t We?

  • No.


Do You Know Why?

  • No.


Have You Met Miss Jones?

  • No.


How Cute Can You Be?

  • Quite.


How Deep Is The Ocean?

  • 36,000 feet.


Isn’t She Lovely?

  • Yes.


Mind If I Make Love To You?

  • Yes.


Should I?

  • No.


Where Are You?

  • 30 miles west of Annapolis.


Where Do You Go?

  • I work at Sears if that’s what you’re asking.


Who Told You I Cared?

  • No one.


Why Can’t You Behave?

  • I can.


Why Shouldn’t I?

  • Ethics, hopefully.


Why Try To Change Me Now?

  • It was a fool’s errand and for that I apologize.

Dan Caprera